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Between the Millstones: The State of Iraq’s Minorities Since the Fall of Mosul

“Between the Millstones: The State of Iraq’s Minorities Since the Fall of Mosul” aims to document the plight of Iraq’s minorities most affected by the violence that has gripped northern Iraq since June 2014. This report, based on extensive interviews, field work, and research, seeks to complement other human rights reporting to highlight the situation of Iraq’s minorities in light of the violence that has pervaded northern Iraq since June 2014 and the resulting humanitarian catastrophe. This publication is the product of a partnership of four organizations: IILHR, Minority Rights Group International, No Peace Without Justice, and the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization. The report was released February 27 in Brussels.

Based on the facts uncovered in this report, it appears that ISIS forces and commanders have committed most of the war crimes prohibited under international law, almost all of the underlying acts for crimes against humanity; and information exists which would support a prima facie case that ISIS forces have committed the crime of genocide against religious minorities in northern Iraq, in particular against the Yezidi minority. The report makes 38 key recommendations to alleviate the humanitarian burden, prevent further human rights abuses, promote reconciliation, and accelerate planning for the post-ISIS era.